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Hello, I'm Kiley! I live in Rhode Island whoo. Welcome to my blog! I post Hetalia, Homestuck, Star Trek, Supernatural, Doctor Who, Sherlock, Free!, and Batman related things. As well as other random stuff but everyone does that so it doesn't really matter. Enjoy!


Axis Powers ‘All Of Our Hairstyles Are Unnecessarily Hard To Draw’ Hetalia

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there are approximately 1,013,913 words in the english language but i could never string any of them together to explain how much i want to hit you with a chair.

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Happy Valentines: Gerita

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posting a day early cos i’m gonna be out most of tomorrow!

Annie will always be my best bro uvu

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More Katara, please.

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S10 Ep4 Paper Moon

Kate (Bitten S8) will be making a return appearance in a episode penned by Adam Glass. In “Paper Moon”, a recent string of werewolf attacks lead the brothers to Kate, who appears to be the culprit. Has Kate become a killer or will it be a case of mistaken identity?

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Hikaru Hitachiin || Ouran High School Host Club Episode 16

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Old Hetalia fanart from either late 2008 or early 2009. Can’t be sourced since the artist deleted both her website (where this was originally posted) and recently her pixiv too.

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омг первый пост на тамбе о м г
птмчт я слишком люблю солла, да ето так

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  • PE Teacher: why are you running so slowly
  • Me: It does not matter how slow you go, as long as you do not stop - Wisdom of Confucius


New leaders from the CIV V expansion “Brave New World”! Casimir III was a man of great stature, Poland was not. By the end of his reign though, Poland would be more than double the size.

(The coat of arms of the House Piast is supposed to be a white eagle, not black, so I changed it)

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Welcome to the Final Arc of Ask-Bartender-Alfred!! :) I’d like to do something a little special to celebrate everything we’ve accomplished together - as a mun and followers - making this blog what it is today…!!

As such, here’s a giveaway for you guys!

Rules (I know you guys know how these things work by now~):

  •  If you would like to participate, please like or reblog this post!
  • It would be nice if you followed this blog too, but it’s not a must - though, if you were following the blog before this post, I’ll throw in something extra if you win!! :D
  • Winners will be picked on November 30th
  • There’s a bunch of random stuff to win, which means there will be four winners that will be picked by random number generator
  • Winners will be notified by ask box so make sure you keep yours open!! Winners also have 24 hours to respond before another winner is regenerated instead
  • You must be willing to send me your mailing address so I can mail you your prize!
  • Regarding the manga that can be won from the first prize, photo ID of some kind will be needed, otherwise, I’ll change that part of the prize to something else ~

What can be won:

… See? Lots of random thingssss, as pictured above… But if you cannot properly see something, lemme know and I’ll send you a higher resolution photo :)

Specifically, what each prize entails:

First Prize:


  • One alpaca of your choice
  • One non-Hetalia bookmark of your choice
  • One Hetalia bookmark of your choice
  • One USUK doujinshi of your choice
  • One Hetalia keychain of your choice
  • One Hetalia couple keychain of your choice
  • Two random buttons
  • Two random postcards
  • A yaoi manga (it is rated R-18, so for this, I’d need to see some sort of ID that you can have this so I don’t go… to jail, I guess, for giving porn (?) to minors - otherwise, I’ll just give you something else in place of this :3)
  • One anime coaster of your choice

Second Prize:


  • One alpaca 
  • One non-Hetalia bookmark of your choice (after First place has chosen)
  • One Hetalia bookmark of your choice (after First place has chosen)
  • One USUK doujinshi
  • One random Hetalia keychain 
  • One Hetalia couple keychain of your choice (after First place has chosen)
  • Two random buttons
  • One random postcard
  • One anime coaster of your choice (after First place has chosen)

Third Prize:


  • One random non-Hetalia bookmark 
  • One random Hetalia bookmark 
  • One random Hetalia keychain 
  • One random Hetalia couple keychain 
  • One random button
  • One random postcard
  • One anime coaster of your choice (after First and Second place have chosen)

Fourth Prize:


  • One random Hetalia bookmark 
  • One random Hetalia couple keychain 
  • One random button
  • One random postcard
  • One anime coaster of your choice (after First, Second and Third place have chosen)

So as you can see, there’s a lot of choice, which means that I’ll be very specific in asking what you want, should you win.

In any case, please enjoy the final arc and good luck to all participants! :D

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